We believe that waste is preventable. Do you?

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Welcome to Eureka Recycling!

We are a zero-waste organization located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul with a wide range of initiatives focusing on reuse, recycling, composting, waste reduction, producer responsibility, and more.


There are Exciting Changes Happening to Your Recycling Program!

Eureka truckThis year, Eureka Recycling will be moving to single-stream recycling and adding many additional types of plastics. Until now, Eureka Recycling has maintained a two-stream system because of concerns about lowered material quality and higher costs to the community in single-stream systems. On the flip side, industry reports have stated that the number of people who participate will increase because of the easier sorting, and that single-stream recycling will increase collection efficiency.

Eureka Recycling is committed to improving single-stream recycling so that each bottle, can, and piece of paper can be put to its highest environmental use. We will track and report the impacts of single-stream recycling in our Zero-Waste Lab.

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Farewell to Our Zero-Waste Superstar, Dianna Kennedy

Dianna Kennedy and StellaEureka Recycling and its zero-waste mission have been a passion of Dianna Kennedy’s for thirteen years, where she led as the Director of Communications. Dianna’s love for Eureka Recycling and her enthusiasm for zero waste helped to make Eureka Recycling a household word in many homes in the Twin Cities metro area. Her persistent guard of Eureka “green” and the Eureka Recycling brand have provided a gathering place and reflection point for the people who work here and the others who love and support us. Dianna recently left the position and is taking some time away from Eureka Recycling to immerse herself in her "other" family—she and her partner Jen and her sweet daughter Stella are expecting their second child any day now. The change is bittersweet for Dianna and for everyone here. She has been with Eureka Recycling from the very beginning and she commented in her departure letter, “I believe more strongly than ever in the necessity and ability of Eureka to create the healthy and safe world we all wish for ourselves and our loved ones. Although I am not in the office every day, my heart remains in the zero waste movement and I will continue to fully supporting Eureka in all the ways I can as it carries out the crucial mission to demonstrate that waste is completely preventable.“ Our heart stays connected to our zero-waste hero, Dianna.


Hello to Lynn Hoffman and Josh Van Den Berg

Soon, a new team will be in place to lead communications and community engagement at Eureka Recycling. We have filled two important positions.

•    Lynn Hoffman who has been at Eureka Recycling for over 10 years has accepted a new position as our Director of Community Engagement. Lynn is known for her exceptional collaboration skills, her ability to bring about creative partnerships, and her leadership. She will be returning to us in June from maternity leave in this new role, carrying forward our legacy of community engagement at a leadership level.

•    Eureka Recycling is also bringing a new face, Josh Van Den Berg to the Communications team. Josh joins us as the Director of Communications in April, and will lead our communication and education efforts. He is relocating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he most recently directed marketing and communications at Three Pillars Senior Living Community. While we were interviewing Josh, we were most impressed with his perspective on communications. In true Eureka Recycling fashion, he believes strongly that communications is best done with meaningful content and useful, hands-on education so that people can experience our mission rather than just telling them about it through PR efforts. Please join us in welcoming Josh to Eureka Recycling and to Minnesota!

For immediate help with your communications or community engagement requests please contact Christopher Goodwin (christopherg@eurekarecycling.org or 651-222-7678) so that he can connect you to the right person at Eureka to help you.

Get the "Dirt" on Zero-Waste CompostingGet the dirt on zero waste composting

Eureka's New Report

Eureka Recycling released its newest report Zero-Waste Composting: How Food Scraps Can Help Conquer Climate Change and Disease, which is the first report of its kind to look at the human costs of not composting. The report looks at financial costs and quantifies human and environmental costs, providing a way for cities and communities to calculate the true potential of composting. It looks at all aspects of zero-waste composting for the greatest benefit to the environment and our community, including:

Learn more

Moldy bread? Soggy carrots? Not in my fridge!

In conjunction with the release of Zero-Waste Composting, Eureka Recycling launched a new website www.MakeDirtNotWaste.org with free prevention tools. Download a meal planner, shopping tools, a food storage guide, and more. Watch helpful videos as well as join an online conversation to connect with others striving to reduce food waste and save money. Start preventing wasted food today in your kitchen!


Saint Paul’s Compost to Zero Waste Plan

Saint Paul's Compost to Zero Waste PlanLet’s Get It in the Budget and Get It Passed!

Last year, Eureka proposed a zero-waste plan for Saint Paul to bring us closer to zero waste. This plan included comprehensive composting--prevention education along with curbside collection--as well as switching to single-stream, and adding more plastics to Saint Paul's recycling program.


The City of Saint Paul wanted to conduct a public process to hear from residents before making decisions for the 2014 budget. This public process is now complete and the City is expected to release its recommendation soon. If you missed the opportunity to weigh in, contact Eureka so your input can be heard.

Learn more, stay informed, & take action now!

“100 million tons of unlovable plastic: The container-bottom numbers game”


In 2012, some local recycling programs, including Minneapolis and Hennepin County,started collecting more plastics. But recycling isn't just collection- are all those plastics really being recycled into new products? Or are they just going into the trash somewhere else?

Eureka Recycling believes that people like you want to know the truth about what is recyclable and what is not. We understand that you can take action to change your purchasing habits and push back on producers, asking them to change the plastics they use. This year, Eureka Recycling will be adding some additional plastics to its recycling collection programs. Why not all?

Learn more about plastics. Do you have questions about plastics recycling? Are you frustrated or overwhelmed by so many plastic products and all that plastic packaging? Eureka Recycling can help you sift through this complicated issue! Susan Hubbard, Eureka Recycling’s former CEO, looks at these questions and more in this article for the Twin Cities Daily Planet.


Support Eureka Recycling's work

We are grateful to the hundreds of generous donors—individuals and organizations—who provide direct financial support for Eureka Recycling's leading-edge work in zero waste. Our recycling operations are self-sustaining. However, Eureka Recycling raises money in order to break new ground on needed zero-waste initiatives. Learn how you can donate today!  


How to Get Really, Really Good Stuff

Stuff: we all have it. We all need it (some of it, anyway). But what about the stuff we don’t want or need anymore? What do we do with it? Right now, consumers and governments are given the responsibility of dealing with it—with no say in how products are made or designed. Your best efforts (and ours) to recycle and compost everything we can will not stop our trash cans from filling up.

However, there are ways to change the way these products are designed and manufactured, and you have the chance to influence the process!

We can get to zero waste without sacrificing the stuff we really want and need. Find out how you can tell if the products and services you spend hard-earned money on are safe, non-toxic, healthy, and durable.


Meet Some Zero-Waste Heroes in Our Community

Zero-waste heroes Conrad-Wovcha FamilyReducing the trash we create and getting to zero waste takes all of us: individuals, communities, and companies that make products and packaging. We know inspiring people who are taking action every day to get as close to zero waste as they can!

Are YOU a Zero-Waste Hero? Send us your story and photo!



Want to know a little more about Eureka Recycling?

Eureka Recycling videoCheck out this video, produced for our Nonprofit Mission Award for Advocacy, received in 2006 from Minnesota Council of Nonprofits/MAP for Nonprofits!




Read this article from "The Line": Eureka: The offbeat recycling company that wants to go way beyond recycling (November 2010)



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