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Exploring Multifamily Recycling:
Tools for the Voyage

(64 pages, PDF document)

The Tools

All elements of our multifamily recycling toolkit are available for download. See links below

Anchor: Legal Tools
Compass: Information Systems
Wheel: Basic Recycling Structure
Message in a Bottle: Outreach
Telescope: Unique Problems
Final Report


Anchor: Legal Tools

  1. Program Design Assessment (overview) from Gary Liss & Associates (Download-PDF)
  2. Single Hauler Contract Template (Download-PDF & WORD)
  3. Example
    1. Franchising Rule (Portland, OR) (Download-PDF)
    2. Ordinance allowing for franchising (Hawthorne, CA) (Download-PDF)
  4. Franchise Agreement from Hawthorne, CA (Download-PDF)
  5. Ordinance Template (Download-PDF & WORD)
  6. Minnesota Waste Wise: Contact Waste Wise for consultation on language for a building’s contract for service. 1 (800) 821-2230
  7. Ride Along: Spend time on route with your hauler to gain first-hand knowledge about operations.


Compass: Information Systems

  1. Tracking Worksheet (Download-PDF)
  2. Access Database (contact Eureka Recycling for a CD containing the database)
  3. Local Information Sources: Tap into local sources to track down information about buildings in your community.


Wheel: Basic Recycling Structure

  1. Setup Manuals
    1. “Developing a Multifamily Recycling Program” (Download-PDF)
    2. “Guide to Successful Multifamily and Commercial Recycling” Contact Deborah Salzman with the City of Austin Texas, for a copy of this setup manual. [(512) 974-9038 or]
  2. Sorting Requirements: Require two stream or source separated collection to help control contamination.
  3. Label Templates
    1. Source Separated
      1. Steel & Aluminum Cans & Foil (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
      2. Clear Glass Bottles & Jars (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
      3. Green & Brown Glass Bottles & Jars (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
      4. Newspapers & Phone books (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
      5. Mail, Paper, Magazines & Catalogs (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    2. Two Stream
      1. Papers (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
      2. Containers (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    3. No Garbage (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
  4. Photographs (to build your own labels) (Multiple Jpegs with Illustrator files) 
  5. Recycling Setup Signage Templates
    1. Our Building Recycles Sign (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    2. Do Not Put Garbage in Our Carts Sign (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    3. Recycling Arrows Icon (Preview-Jpeg & Download-TIF)
    4. Our Carts are Located Sign (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    5. Permanent Directional Signage: Create signage specific to the layout of a building
  6. Recycling Monitor: Use your contact to recruit a recycling monitor
  7. Equipment for Volunteers: Check your local hardware store or supply company for equipment for volunteers like “Trash Pickers”, gloves, etc.

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Message in a Bottle: Outreach 

  1. Frequency: Reach out to residents and management often.
  2. Timing: Capitalize on what is new in your program.
  3. Inclusive Language: Choose language for your outreach that creates community.
  4. Basic Brochure Template (two stream) (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
  5. Basic Poster Template (two stream) (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
  6. No Garbage Outreach Templates
    1. Postcard (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    2. Door Hanger (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    3. Flyer
  7. Recycling Kits
    1. Cover Letter Templates (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    2. Pictures of Kits (Jpeg1, Jpeg2, Jpeg3)
  8. Commitment Card Templates
    1. Self Mailer (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    2. Door Hanger (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
  9. Environmental Message
    1. Environmental Poster Template (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    2. Environmental Impact Letter Template (Download-PDF)
    3. Environmental Calculator: The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) has an online Environmental Calculator.
    4. Environmental Fact Sheet: The Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM) has developed a fact sheet on the “Environmental Benefits of Recycling.” Visit for the latest Minnesota version or contact RAM to customize this fact sheet for your community.
  10. Management Survey Template (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
  11. Account Contract Template (Download-PDF)
  12. Recycling Monitor Job Description Template (Download-PDF)
  13. Free Market Materials: Two Campaigns with the following items can be downloaded at
    1. Poster (Campaign 1 - Preview -Jpeg & Download-Quark, Campaign 2 -Preview -Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    2. Postcard (and Ad) (Campaign 1 - Preview -Jpeg & Download-Quark, Campaign 2 - Preview -Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    3. Rack Card (Campaign 1 - Preview -Jpeg & Download-Quark, Campaign 2 - Preview -Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    4. Door Hanger (Campaign 1 - Preview -Jpeg & Download-Quark, Campaign 2 - Preview -Jpeg & Download-Quark)
    5. County Logos (Preview- Washington.jpeg / Download- Washington.eps, Preview- Ramsey.jpeg / Download- Ramsey.tiff, Preview- Anoka.jpeg, Preview- Hennepin.jpeg / Download- Hennepin.eps, Preview- Dakota.jpeg / Download- Dakota.eps)


Telescope: Unique Problems

  1. Community Connections: Get help from within the community to determine how familiar the community you are targeting is with recycling.
  2. Community Networks: Tap into the community networks that are already well-established to deliver your message about recycling.
  3. Bilingual Materials: Most bilingual communities prefer recycling materials in both English and their native language, rather than a single language.
  4. Glossaries, Cultural Artwork, and Photographs:
    1. Spanish
      1. Spanish Glossary (Download-PDF)
      2. Spanish Border Design (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Illustrator)
      3. Photographs of Spanish items (Jarritos glass bottle-Jpeg & Tiff, La Voz News-Jpeg & Tiff, Jalapeno Can-Jpeg & Tiff)
    2. Somali
      1. Somali Glossary (Download-PDF)
      2. Somali Border Design (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Illustrator)
      3. Photographs of Somali items (Cookies Boxboard- Jpeg & Tiff, Fava bean Can- Jpeg & Tiff, Mango Can- Jpeg & Tiff, Coconut Boxboard- Jpeg & Tiff, Fanta Bottle- Jpeg & Tiff, Guava Jar- Jpeg & Tiff)
    3. Hmong
      1. Hmong Glossary (Download-PDF)
      2. Hmong Border Design (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Illustrator)
      3. Photographs of Hmong items (Aroy Can- Jpeg & Tiff, Bamboo Jar- Jpeg & Tiff, Fish Sauce Bottle- Jpeg & Tiff, Foco Can- Jpeg & Tiff, Hmong Today News- Jpeg & Tiff)
  5. Information Request Survey Template (Preview-Jpeg & Download-Quark)
  6. Eureka’s Translated Multifamily Recycling Flyers
    1. Somali (Download-PDF)
    2. Hmong (Download-PDF)
    3. Spanish (Download-PDF)



Best Practices in Multifamily (Apartment) Recycling
Eureka Recycling Final Report for OEA Grant

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