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Apartment Recycling


Eureka Recycling believes that all people should have access to recycling. With that perspective, we started one of the first multifamily recycling programs in the nation in Saint Paul, which today serves over 1,000 buildings. This program has been recognized by the U.S. EPA as one of the best multifamily recycling programs in the country.

Eureka Recycling currently partners with the cities of Lauderdale, Roseville, and Saint Paul to provide multifamily recycling programs in apartment buildings, townhomes, and condominiums.

If you are a resident, property manager, or recycling coordinator outside of the cities that work with Eureka Recycling, you may be interested in the toolkit we developed for assessing and improving multifamily (apartment) recycling.

Exciting Changes in Your Recycling Program!

This year, Eureka Recycling will be making the move to single-stream recycling and adding many additional types of plastics. Until now, Eureka Recycling maintained a two-stream system because of concerns about lowered material quality and higher costs to the community in single-stream systems. On the flip side, industry reports show that the number of people who participate will increase because of the easier sorting and that single-stream recycling will increase collection efficiency.

Eureka Recycling is committed to improving single-stream recycling so that each bottle, can, and piece of paper can be put to its highest environmental use. We will track and report the impacts of single-stream recycling in our Zero-Waste Lab.

Does single-sort recycling really work?

All programs in the metro area—and many throughout the nation—are moving toward single-sort recycling, but concerns remain that mixing all materials together results in less material actually getting recycled. This has been (and still is) true of some single-sort programs. Are there ways to resolve these problems? We think so—and what better way to find out than by doing it ourselves?

Eureka Recycling has invested in the people and technology needed to make sure we recycle as much as possible. You can do your part by being careful to put only recyclable materials in your cart—especially plastics! While this certainly won’t be the first single-sort program in the country, together we will make it one of the best! We will continue to recycle everything we can, and communicate with you about the benefits and challenges that we experience with this new system.

Is collecting more plastic really a good thing?

Yes! By collecting more plastics for recycling, we keep them out of incinerators and landfills and ensure they have another life, saving energy and resources. Yet, while more recycling is good, the best option for the environment and our health is still to reduce our use of single-use plastic containers.

When will my program transition to single-stream & additional plastics recycling?

Eureka Recycling is working with decision makers in each community we serve to determine if and when we will change their recycling program. Click on the links below for specific information about your program.

Best Practices in Multifamily Recycling

If you are a resident, property manager, or recycling coordinator outside of the cities that work with Eureka Recycling, you may be interested in the toolkit we developed for assessing and improving multifamily (apartment) recycling programs.

Utilizing experience and researching the best multifamily practices in the country, Eureka Recycling created this toolkit of the best practices in multifamily recycling for recycling program coordinators around the state and nation to use, titled, "Exploring Multifamily Recycling: Tools for the Voyage."

Read more about the toolkit and download it here.


Questions? Ideas? Concerns?
Questions about your recycling program? Want to know more about how to recycle and reduce waste in other ways? We want to hear from you.

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Last Update: December 2014

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